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    Light Bar Pro™

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    Change the vibe and add a new look to your home, office, or entertainment area!

    "I bought it for ambiance and it is amazing. Put it in the corner of my slowly growing game room and it's perfect. I love all the different options for different lighting!"
    Samuel Graham  Verified Buyer


    The Light Bar Pro is your new best friend in bringing a new vibe into your home, office, or gaming setup. This modern design not only brings light into your space but also adds a beautiful ambiance. Its minimalistic design allows it to fit into tight spaces, giving plenty of room for other furnishings. 

    Different colors play a roll in effecting our moods. For example orange is known to be the source of creativity while blue is said to bring peace. The Light Bar Pro has numerous amounts of color options. It can offer a way to elevate and enhance your mood



    How the Light Bar Pro™ will enhance your entertainment experience

     MOOD SETTING: The Light Bar Pro ™ is perfect for movie night or setting up a party. With its different color options you have the ability to control what kind of vibe you want to set with the color changing remote. 

    MINIMALISTIC DESIGN: Say goodbye to bulky lamps or boring fixtures. The Light Bar Pro is made to fit seamlessly into your home by its straight forward, modern design.





    GET CREATIVE: With all the different color combinations you will be able to explore and play with different lighting! It works great for shooting videos and pictures by adding a fun background to your content. 


    GAMING SET UP:  The Light Bar Pro™ enhances your gaming setup and experience. This colored lighting will give you a game zone you are proud of. 





    If you are ready to give your place a new feel then look no further. The Light Bar Pro™ provides you with a modern day light that will fit seamlessly into all spaces. It brings a new vibe for music and movies as it transforms your experience. 


    Is your gaming room looking bland? Then look no further  Light Bar Prowill change that. The soothing light create welcoming environment that helps keep stress levels down when gaming gets intense.  Light Bar Pro™ is the perfect addition by bringing your game room to life



     Bring a new vibe into your home and order the Light Bar Pro™ today 


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