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    Dye your hair without the commitment!

    Change up your look with no strings attached! With Masc-Hair-a’s easy to use design, you can color your hair and have it dried and ready to go within 5 minutes. Not the color you were looking for? Hop in the shower, rinse, and repeat!
    With Masc-hair-a  you don’t have to worry about your hair change being permanent, just like eyelash mascaras there are no active ingredients that penetrate the cuticle to actually change the color of your hair.

    Benefit of Masc-Hair-a!

    🙋🏼‍♀️ SAFE: Because they only coat the outside layer of your hair and don't get anywhere near your scalp, they are very safe to use. The non-toxic dye does not harm your hair making use carefree!

    🥳 QUICK AND EASYOur temporary hair color touch-up is easy to use. Color your hair fast and dry within minutes, If you don't like it, it can be washed out easily with shampoo.



    💋 FLEXIBILITYJust like eyelash mascaras, hair mascaras do not dye the hair. There are no active ingredients that penetrate the cuticle and actually change the color of the natural hair.

    🌸 ONE SIZE FITS ALLApply to all types of hair, Make hair more changeable, and beautiful. Combine colors to match outfits and be your most authentic self!



    Perfect for any occasion, concert, party, holiday, cosplay, or just to change it up a bit! And best of all Masc-Hair-a ™ applies to all types of hair, what are you waiting for, join the Masc-Hair-a movement.

    Change up the color of your hair without the commitment. Other hair dyes are long lasting and hard to get out. Masc-Hair-a comes out with ease leaving your hair like it was ever there. Bring it with you for concerts, nights out, or just adding a new look, Masc-Hair-a will deliver an original look!



    Give your hair a new look, worry free! Order your Masc-Hair-a today!


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