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    Peel Buddy™

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    Peel vegetables easily without the mess! 


    Peel Buddy™ is your answer to keeping your kitchen clean. Peeling vegetables gets hectic with debris creating a mess and clogging our drains. The Peel Buddy™ eliminates these issues with its built in peel collector keeping your kitchen clean for a hassle-free cleanup.  

    The ergonomic designed handle ensures a good grip when peeling. When finished using, simply empty and rinse out the cartridge! The blade is safely tucked making peeling worry free



    How the Peel Buddy™ will make your life easier! 


     NO MESS: The peeler blade is built into in the container. It catches fruit and vegetable skin and when you're done, just pop the lid out and dispose of it. - No Mess!


    ✅ EASY CLEANING: When finish peeling simply open the lid and discard the leftovers. The Peel Buddy™ can either be put in the dishwasher or washed by hand. 




     KEEPS YOUR DRAIN CLEAN: By containing food scraps in the Peel Buddys collector the scraps will stay out of your sinks drain, keeping your sink clog free!


     MULT-FUNCTIONAL: The Peel Buddy™ can be used to slice vegetables for salads dishes or pasta garnishes. Add slices to your food and enjoy a professional look for your entree. 




    Are you tired of creating a mess when making your favorite dishes in the kitchen? Well then look no further because the Peel Buddy will help keep your kitchen clean. The Peel Buddy™ is the easiest way to peel fruits and vegetables by keep food scraps contained.


    Without the Peel Buddy™ your drains will continue to get clogged and scraps from peeling can end up in non-favorable places. This can lead to insects and critters finding their way into your kitchen. The Peel Buddy provides you with an efficient way to minimize a messy kitchen!




    ✅ Keep your kitchen clean when peeling with Peel Buddy™  Order yours today!



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