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    KittyComfort Home™

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    Give your cat their own space and comfort they need!


    "Excellent product, very happy kitty. It was love at first sight! My cat immediately took to it and sleeps there every night!"
    Nicole Bishop  Verified Buyer

    The KittyComfort Home™ is the perfect addition to your home or apartment. It provides your cat with a safe space to relax while adding stylish look to your space! It relieves stress by giving them their own space. The dangling ball gives your cat a toy to play with to stimulate their minds and have fun

    On average cats sleep two-thirds of their lifetime. Throughout their lifetime we often find our cats sleeping in undesirable spots such as valuable furniture, on our clothing, or our beds. Giving your cat a designated spot to wind down will significantly reduce the hair build up throughout your home, while preserving the things we love.


    Reasons Why the KittyComfort Home will Enhance You and Your Cats Life!

      SAFE SPACE: Providing your cat with their own space and home is essential in helping them maintain a healthy lifestyle. The KittyComfort Homehelps your cat reduce anxiety from knowing they have their own space. 

      REDUCE HAIR BUILD UP AND PRESERVE FURNITURE: Cat hair easily spreads through our home. By providing cats designated spot to stay it will help reduce the spread of hair while also keeping them off your nice clothes and furniture.




      EASILY PORTABLETraveling with pets causes stress which can effect their mood and appetite. Easily transport your KittyComfort Home™ so your cat can continue to feel safe alleviating their stress of travel.

      ADDS FUN TO YOUR HOME: The KittyComfort Homeis not your average cat bed. With its quirky design it will add a hip look into your home or office. 



    Do you want to give your cat a place to call home? Then the KittyComfort Home is your answer. With its enclosed capsule and hanging ball toy your cat will have a safe space to relax and sleep. This will help improve their quality of life by reducing anxiety. Instead of being kicked off furniture, they will gravitate towards their own space leading to a better relationship with you and your cat!

    Without the KittyComfort Homeyour cat may continue to climb and scratch your valuable furniture. Not having a designated spot for your cat to reside allows them to find new places to sleep which spreads hair through your home. The KittyComfort Home will help preserve your furnishings, giving you and your cat a better quality of life. 



     Give your cat a safe space to sleep, relax, and play. Invest in the KittyComfort Home™ today!


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