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    Electrify Cleaning Brush™

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    Want an easy way to clean without the elbow grease?
    Electrify Cleaning Brush™ is a dual powered portable cleaning brush with a waterproof design. It helps get rid of dirt and grime with ease in hard to access places. Its electric motor is high powered offering deeper cleans for a great shine! 

    The Electrify Cleaning Brush™ uses rotating polyester bristles to cut through difficult to clean areas. Using the Electrify™ takes strain off your back and neck by doing the work for you. Its buffering rotation leaves for an unmatched sparkling finish.



    Cleaning dirt and grime has never been easier!


    Cleaning puts strain on our backs and wrists. The Electrify Cleaning Brush eliminates this by doing the cleaning for you! The high and low speeds clean those hard to reach places giving your body and joints a break.

      The rechargeable lithium battery is long lasting for optimum use! The Electrify™ is waterproof and can be used in your shower and kitchen without the worry of it getting wet. Buff out sinks and faucet for sparkling results! 




    The Electrify™ can be used for various applications. Clean out cup holders in your car, use on pots in kitchen, or corners of your bathtub and the Electrify™ will make the job a whole lot easier. 


    Electrify Cleaning Brush™ does the hard work for you. With just a little bit of pressure the dirt cutting bristles work their way through any mess keeping pressure off your back and wrists. 


    Don't worry about dragging out long cords for a cleaning project! The Electrify's internal lithium ion battery is ready for all messes with waterproof sealing to be brought with you wherever you. 

    Whats Included?

    Electrify™ Cleaning Brush
    (3)Bristled Cleaning Heads
    (2) Buffer Pads 
    (1) Charger 

    Deep clean those stubborn areas without straining your back. The Electrify™ high powered rotating bristles blast away dirt and grime keeping pressure off your wrists and joints. 

    Instant results for a sparkling finish! 

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