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    Smart Play Dog Toy™

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    Give Your Dog the Exercise They Need! 


    "Amazing quality. I have 2 big dogs that destroy every toy. This is very high quality and thick rubber with a very strong bungee. Highly recommended and would buy again”
    Judy Ryan  Verified Buyer

    Are you tired of always having to exercise your dog after a long day of work? Then the Smart Play Dog Toy is the answer to your dog's built up energy. The durable toy helps your dog clean their teeth, improves IQ, and reduces anxiety. 

    A key to a dog's happiness is proper exercise. Without it they can become overly hyper and be more prone to getting into things they shouldn’t such as carpets, pillows, and chairs. The Smart Play Dog Toy will provide you with an active solution to your dogs energy when you're are feeling tired. 



    Reasons Why the Smart Play Dog Toy™ Toy Will Change Your Life 

    REDUCES ANXIETY IN DOGS: Because anxiety can cause an excess of energy, giving your dog time to play can greatly reduce his or her anxious feelings. Exercise can also help relieve stress by producing beneficial endorphins.


    CLEANS TEETH: Chewing on toys is a natural way for dogs to clean their teeth as the constant gnawing scrapes plaque off of teeth. Providing dogs with the Smart Play  Chew Toy will help keep their teeth clean!




    INCREASES IQ: The Smart Play Chew Toy can be filled with treats which gives your dog incentive to figure out how to get them out. This type of stimulation provides mental exercise as it sharpens their focus on how to get the food out.

    DOGS WILL GET INTO LESS TROUBLE: Giving your dog another outlet to play and get exercise when you may not have the time will reduce the chances of him or her getting into things they shouldn’t. 


    Want to give your dog an outlet to play when you may be to tired to do so? The Smart Play Dog Toy caters towards those who can not always find the time to give their dogs the exercise they need. This simple, effective method of play stimulates your dog to help get ride of excess energy when you may not have time to do so. 


    The Smart Play Dog Toy will help reduce anxiety in your dog as it gives them an outlet to play while also giving their teeth a deep clean from the constant tug and pull of the toy. A Dog's health and exercise is important and it is the key to having a good pup! 


    ✅ No more wound up dogs! Invest in your Smart Play Dog Toy™ Today


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