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    Ambiance Book Light™

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    Bring Warm Ambiance Into Your Space!


    "This book lamp is making me speechless. A novel idea by a person deserves a standing ovation. Light is switched on the moment book is opened. Light's hue is yellow warm, that's what I wanted for smooth romantic atmosphere."


    Denise Hemberger  Verified Buyer


    Ambiance Book Light™ brings in a whole new feel to your home, office, and reading space. With its light weight, portable design it can brought with you wherever you go to set a calm and relaxing mood.


    The Ambiance Book Light™ turns on and off with a simple opening and closing of the book. With its optional 360 Degree Rotation you can direct light in anyway you desire. The  Ambiance Book Light™  is the perfect gift for home decor enthusiasts.




    Reasons Why the Ambiance Book Light™ Will Enhance Your Life!


     COMFORTABLE FOR YOUR EYES: The Ambiance Book Light™ emits soft white light to not put strain on your eyes. The pages of the book offer a buffer to the to give off the perfect amount of light.


    ✅  GREAT GIFT: The Ambiance Book Light™ is the perfect unique gift for any book lover or art collector. This one of a kind light is a great addition to a friends home that brings in a very soothing atmosphere.  





     HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: The high density paper is tear resistant with a natural texture to ensure durability. The wood comes from environmental white maple so book and pages will not bend.


     PORTABLE: Bring your Ambiance Book Light™ with you on the go. With a single charge you will get up to 8 hours of use. There is also a built in magnet and can be put on any metal surface to provide more mobility.





    The Ambiance Book Light™ brings in a whole new look to any space you're in. When you're not using it at home you can bring it to the beach, your reading space, or set it in your room. The one of a kind light will brighten and bring in a beautiful ambiance wherever it travels. 


    Don’t put any unnecessary strain on your eyes. The Ambiance Book Light™ showcases perfect lighting that is not overbearing. With its beautiful design you will see that it more than just a light, it is a piece of art that will always have a home. 




    Lighten Up Your Space, Get Your Ambiance Book Light™ Today!



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